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Terms and Conditions

Jet Board Limited (Jet Board Spain S.L.) Terms and Conditions

Your purchase of any Jet Board Limited products serves as your acknowledgement and representation that you have read and understand these TERMS OF USE and that you agree to be bound by such TERMS OF USE (“Agreement”).


We’re Jet Board Limited, fiscally known as Jet Board Spain (company number B87964615), a company registered in Spain. Our HQ is at Pasaje Mamia, 7. Torreguadiaro, 11312. Cadiz, España.

When you shop with us (or access our services, use our boards or website, these terms apply. They’re important for both of us as they set out what we expect from each other, and they also give you helpful info. Of course, you can always contact us by email:


  • Be over 18, or have written and signed consent from your parents or guardian.
  • Have a credit card or payment method we accept
  • Be an authorised user of this payment method
  • Accept that instructions need to be followed closely
  • Understand that some services are subject to weather conditions and can be cancelled or modified last minute, in case of a non-reschedule possibility, you will be fully refunded


When you place an order, you should receive an acknowledgement e-mail confirming receipt of your order.

We only accept your order once proof of payment has been sent, any product/service will only be delivered when payment clears in the Jet Board Spain S.L. accounts.

You have the right to cancel, or change your order within a short period of ordering (12hrs, unless lesson is scheduled within those 12hrs) – timings depend on when product was due to be shipped out and/or you were programmed to have your lesson/experience/rental with us.

All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price. Don’t worry, if there’s an issue with an order, we’ll get in touch with you.

Very occasionally, we may need to refuse or cancel an order (even if we have previously confirmed your order) – e.g. if we notice something unusual on an order or due to weather conditions, malfunctioning, etc. . If this happens to you, don’t worry, we will be in close contact and solve the issue ASAP.


  • Product descriptions are subject to personal use and conditions of use. For example, if a board is described as having a battery life of 30 minutes, we cannot guarantee this is as it is dependable on:
    • Rider weight
    • Rider Style
    • Weather conditions
    • Water conditions
    • Location of ride
    • Life of the battery/board
  • The above also applies to lessons, we cannot guarantee the success of a lesson of experience as each person is different, and may need more or less time to grasp riding a jetboard or e-foil.
  • All product prices on website exclude VAT (21% in Spain), and shipping to your location.


Shipping a jetboard or e-foil is not easy. Electric boards are classed as dangerous goods (UN3481 or UN3480), depending on how these are shipped. If you’re located in a remote location, an island, or a country that does not have direct road access be patient, our team handles logistics on a daily basis but many a time, it is out of their hands.

When you a buy a board with Jet Board Limited and require it to be shipped, you accept that Jet Board Limited is not responsible for the delivery time and or date, nor can Jet Board Limited be held responsible for the state in which the shipment arrives. All boards are shipped with insurance, however it is your responsibility as a buyer to closely follow the instructions the team sends to you before receiving your board. In case the product arrives broken or damaged, you agree that Jet Board Limited will not be obliged to replace or fix this if instructions were not followed, but of course, will help you in as many ways as possible.



Boards will not be refunded after having been shipped. Once the board has been delivered to you, any costs incurred from a required refund & return will be on you. This means any and all shipping costs, or other costs (including but not limited to: import duties, VAT, etc…) incurred in order to return the board back to Jet Board Limited. Once Jet Board Limited receives the board, a refund will only be given in case it has never been used, and everything is in its original state, packaging and boxes.

Refunds are always given in the case of still being at the deposit stage. A deposit will be returned at any point if you feel uncomfortable, or change your mind; once the deposit is returned, the product is assigned to the next buyer, in which case we cannot guarantee availability later. We understand that for many reasons you may need your deposit back, but if you change your mind again, and do want the product, as always, the team will accommodate you in every way possible.


A full refund will be given if:

  • Due to weather conditions, you could not enjoy some time with us
  • If due to malfunction, we cannot guarantee you the same board, and you do not like the replacement, a full refund will be given
  • You are injured/sick: please send us your doctors note, we will happily refund you before your lessons takes place.
  • ANYTHING ELSE! Talk to us, we are cool people! If you have a problem, some reason you cannot make it, we will find a solution together.


Jet Board Spain S.L. has a personal commitment to support their customers where possible with any issues or malfunctions of any board they sell. However, any warranties as well as design, functionality and safety are always final responsibility of the manufacturer.

Most boards have different warranty/guarantee terms and conditions, inquire about each one closely before making your final decision.


You’re having a lesson with us and something breaks – no worries it happens, but read below:

  • A deposit will be held throughout the duration of the lesson/experience/rental.
  • You as the client will be responsible for covering any and all damage done to the board/material if damage incurred was while not following instructions or disregarding them completely.
  • We understand, a jetboard is not easy, we are lenient, but if the breakage or damage happened through immaturity, irresponsible use, or disrespect to material, full damage costs will be charged.
  • If you feel something is wrong, break, you crash, whatever, tell us! We can tell if it was an accident or on purpose. If damage incurred was done so on purpose, or under the above situations, full damaged costs will be charged to you.

For any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:


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C.C. Ribera del Marlin, local 36, 11310 Sotogrande, Cádiz
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