Fliteboard Rental

Fliteboard Electric E-foil Rental in Sotogrande and Costa del Sol.  

This board provides a mix of adrenaline, pure joy, and a feeling of serenity all at the same time. Most people who try it, are addicted for life and just cannot get enough of the board. Fliteboard electric e-foil is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the water in a completely unique way. Though more technical than the other boards, many refer to fliteboarding as a form of meditation. An extended fliteboard rental would give you time to not just learn, but master the board.  

Fliteboard Extended Rental

Recommended for:

  • Riders who want to master the art of hydrofoiling.  
  • Those who don’t want to disturb anyone, the fliteboard is completely silent and doesn’t even create a wake. 
  • People who have had at least 1 Fliteboard lesson, or have someone close who has experience (prior training is a requirement for an extended rental of the Fliteboard).  


  • Ergonomically designed remote, with automatic gear box to allow for smooth changes in speed and easy use.  
  • Top speed of 34km/h (depending on rider, water & weather conditions). High speeds are not recommended unless you are an experienced rider. 
  • Up to 1.5H (one and a half) hours of ride time when foiling. 
  • Free app which allows you to see all data, ride information and even connect with others. 


Single Lesson

(1 full battery with an instructor , only available at our rental location)


Full Day 


2 Days  


3 Days 


Full Week (7 days) 


Extra Battery

(1 extra battery, charged per day, per extra battery) 


Pick-up & Drop-off Supplement 

(Outside of Sotogrande, price depends on area) 

 50€ – 150€

Which board/s are you interested in?

11 + 15 =

What’s included? 

Jetboard rentals include:

  • Drop-off & Pick-up in Sotogrande  
  • Safety & instructional briefing (only single lesson includes full-time instructor)
  • Sports gear (helmet and impact vest, and wetsuit in case required)
  • Battery, board, charger and instruction manual. 



What’s required? 

Requirements to rent a jetboard:

  • Be over the age of 18, or have written & signed consent. 
  • Passport and/or identification 
  • Payment in full 24H before start of rental 
  • 600€ deposit or credit card.