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The Ewave Jetboard 

Incredible race style jetboard!

ewave jetboard
Jet Board Limited
Ewave Jetboard
The Ewave V2 6000 has all the power you could need, and the best part is, its electric! This electric race board is a thrill for even the most advanced riders. Small and agile, from racing, to trick riding or just cruising around. The instant acceleration that comes from the throttle is shocking at first to most. With a top speed of 54km/h, this board will please everyone around. The Ewave also comes with a tube which is great for beginners, simply inflate the tube around the board, and the buoyancy will allow anyone and everyone to enjoy this race style jetboard. 

Single Lesson

(1 full battery with an instructor , only available at our rental location)


Full Day 


2 Days  


3 Days 


Full Week (7 days) 


Extra Battery

(1 extra battery, charged per day, per extra battery) 


Inflatable Ewave Tube 

(1 tube, charged per day. Includes automatic Ewave pump system) 


Pick-up & Drop-off Supplement 

(Outside of Sotogrande, price depends on area) 

 50€ – 150€

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