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Pick up an extra set of batteries for more fun with your Jetboard!  

Tech Specs for the Fliteboard Battery:

  • 30 AH.
  • 1.6 KWh capacity.
  • 52v Nominal.
  • High Voltage 58.8v.
  • Low-Voltage 42v.
  • Run time up to 60 min.

Price : 2.500,00

Ewave Battery

Tech Specs for the Ewave Battery:

  • 2.5 kW battery.
  • The battery weighs 10 kg and allows you to ride up to 30 minutes.
  • 2 hours to fully charge.
  • The battery is made of steel.
  • For convenient transportation, it provided with handles. To install the battery pack does not require wiring, there are special slots.
  • You can charge the battery without removing it from the Board.

Price : 2,700.00

Tech Specs for the Carver Twin and Carver X:

  • Independent and replaceable locking mechanism
  • New impact resistant housing
  • Anti slide blocks
  • New display with improved blue LED visibility for bright environments
  • Max. electric discharge: 130 A
  • Nominal voltage: 44,4 V
  • Capacity (rated): 1.500 Watts hour
  • Cycle count: 350 (estimated)
  • Weight: 14 kg / 30 lbs Protections. 
  • The pack are built based on the cell array of Samsung´s lithium-ion battery with 18650 format, which is widely used on electric cars or power tools.

Price : 1.990,00

Light, quick to charge, and packed with power.

The standard range lithium-ion battery for Awake’s electric surfboard range “RÄVIK”. The battery runs for 15-40 minutes depending on the board model, rider weight, and riding conditions.

Price : 5.900,00

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