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Mako Xtra Jetboard (2021)

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The Mako 2020 is a beautiful petrol jetboard. This petrol board reaches a top speed of up to 55km/h. The unique mako shape allows for an amazing riding experience, regardless of your riding style. It is great for cruising, racing and trick riding – a board you will never get bored of. The two-stroke engine and larger petrol tank allows for up to one and a half hours of riding at mixed speeds.

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Dimensions 188 x 60 X 44 cm
Weight:  20kg
Top Speed 55km/h
Full Tank Life* 1.5H minutes (mixed riding speed)
Max Load: 100kg (recommended, but can handle more)

Included in the package: FCS fins, board bag, foot straps, Mako tool kit.

Warranty: 2 year commercial warranty.

Optional: Spare petrol tank.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 200 × 500 × 600 cm

1 review for Mako Xtra Jetboard (2021)

  1. Bill

    Did lots of research and bought a 2020 Mako Slingshot from JetBoard Limited. Innin was amazing and made it easy to purchase and ship down here to Dubai. Loads of help and support with shipping and getting it up and running. Board is amazing and probably the best petrol board on the market. Make sure to buy a spare battery pack so you can spend the whole day at the beach. Thanks for everything!

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