How to pick the right jetboard for you!

The process of choosing a jetboard or efoil can be a lot more difficult than you would think. Here are some tips from Jet Board Limited on how to choose the right board for you.

After many years of buying, riding, selling, servicing, and repairing these boards we believe that our knowledge of the boards and industry can help you immensely. It’s a lot of money that you will be spending and you want to get it right the first time. There are many things you have to take into account, and difficult choices to make. We are going to try and mention some of them to make it easier for you!

Online research is not enough and can be very misleading.

Research online is not enough, a lot of the information is misleading, wrong, or just outdated. There are very few industry standards, and there is no governing organization or quality stamps that guarantee the standards.

Things to look out for when researching online:

  • Rebranded white label boards & single prototypes: there are few manufacturers that produce quality units, and a lot of people who have simply thrown lots of money into marketing to make a rebranded Chinese copy look great.
  • Photos and videos that are so awesome, they’re not focused on the board: Good quality photos and videos with beautiful scenery make you buy into the boards, but this doesn’t mean the product is worth buying. It’s better to check reviews from third parties such as Jetsurfing nation, which isn’t affiliated to any of the brands but focuses purely on reviewing and testing.
  • Facts that sound too good to be true. Let’s give you some examples: ‘electric jetboard with 1Hr ride time‘, still impossible, unfortunately. ‘Top speed of 70km/h‘, still unheard of. ‘Best board on the market’, yes, the person who makes the board will think it is the best on the market, and this takes us to the next point,
  • Be careful with who is claiming the information: is the manufacturer saying their board is the best? Of course, right? Some even go as far as to say they’re the only manufacturer of jetboards. Yet we have a shop filled with jetboards!

jetboard collections

Be wary of (but not anti) first generations/ new entrants.

We welcome and support all new brands and we get super excited when something new comes out, but be careful when buying something that has just hit the market. You will always have teething problems and it can be very frustrating when the manufacturer is learning at your expense. Other times, you may get lucky and its a super organised and heavily backed company that can get it right the first time.

Every time a new jetboard came out, we at Jet Board Limited had to be the first to buy and try it, but this became a very expensive learning curve. Yes, we now have the biggest collection of the newest, oldest, craziest, sometimes unique boards, but many just don’t work or are not worth it – which end up being extremely expensive wall decorations!

Buy jetboards & efoils that are available, because some of them just never come.

A lot of new designers and manufacturers get overly excited about their new jetboards, motorised surfboards, electric surfboards or electric foils that are coming out and launch prematurely, some even start taking payments only to be making excuse after excuse years later as to why they can’t yet deliver. We are still waiting for boards we were promised would be available three years ago; and you can easily miss a good few summers waiting for what you thought would be your dream board. If it looks like a dream board that’s probably what it is, nothing but a dream. Making a prototype is easy but going into full production with a board that’s worthy is not so easy.

Choose a board within your capability.

When learning to surf would you go to Nazare to learn on the biggest waves? No! When learning to drive, would you start in a Ferrari? No!  

Choose a board within your personal capability. It is no good buying the fastest best board if you won’t be able to enjoy it. This also works the other way round, it is no good buying a board that won’t handle your weight, or a shape that wont work in your local waterbody. 

Try before you buy.

Jetboard & efoil rental locations are popping up everywhere. Renting a board does not come cheaply, but it iswell worth it if it means you are going to be able to make a better, more educated decision on what jetboard or electric foil to buy. It’s impossible to get a feel of a board by watching videos and looking at a website so get your hands on the board, touch it, pick it up, carry it and get it in the water and ride it. 

Jet Board Limited has a try before you buy scheme. You can rent any board, and if within 3 months you buy the board, the value of the lesson is discounted from the final price of the board. It is a great way to try a jetboard or efoil before you buy it!

man on carver twin

Have an open mind and try a few different styles.

Definitely have an open mind when choosing your board and try as many boards as possible. 90% of the time we have clients visiting us to try before they buy. These have a specific board in mind but they end up leaving with something completely different. There are so many factors that will affect your decision, and so many different shapes and styles. Get this right before you buy. Most people only get one chance and one board so make sure it’s the right one from the start.

Most importantly: Consult with an industry expert.

Get hold of an industry expert. Ideally one with experience who has ridden, repaired, bought, sold and rented out most boards. Make the most of these people, and listen, and learn as it has taken years of mistakes, learning curves, bad & good people to get this far. A lot of people have made up their minds and don’t really listen only to have regrets in the future. At the same time make sure that your industry expert actually listens to your needs and requirements. Don’t let them railroad you into a board that he has in stock or wants to sell.

We at Jet Board Limited have a 99% success rate when matching people to their ideal board, so give us a call and chat to us about all the options you’re considering, and we will guide you in the right direction.

Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions in the comments section below. We will happily answer and help with whatever we can. 

Need help choosing a board?

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