Ewave Jetboard Lesson 

Electric Race board lesson.


Love the race boards? Have good balance and feel pretty confident? The smaller race boards are a harder start, but a quick learning curve. Once you have control over this board, improvement process is fast and very rewarding.
Try the first (and currently only) available electric race board on the market. This board is ideal to learn on due to is inability to flood. Its got greater buoyancy than the petrol boards, and is almost identical in its performance.
Highly recommended for first timers looking for a small board experience. The Ewave reaches up to 50km/h in speed, propelled by a unique motor, and allows freestyle riding.
Children under 12 will be required to use a tube (inflatable aid for balance).

Lessons include:

  • Instructor, safety briefing & personal coaching
  • Sports gear (helmet and impact vest, and wetsuit in case weather requires it)
  • Battery and board

Important: Lessons are the duration of the battery life. Battery life depends on water conditions, weight and riding style, and speed.

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Tel: (+34) 676635826

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Location depends on weather conditions.
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Bookings close 1 day before the session starts.
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Cancellation is possible up to 4 days in advance, in case you cancel before, your deposit will be retained. In order to re-schedule, please communicate your ideal time to us as soon as possible, at least 24-hours in advance.