First global jet board specialist company. The pioneer and only provider of all brands of Jet Boards. Giving unbiased advice and a professional personalised service. 

Jet Board Limited is the first and oldest established jetboard company in the world. We have been involved in the motorised surfboard industry from the beginning and we continue to play an instrumental roll in the growing of this new and exciting water sport. Our head office is based in Sotogrande, Andalusia, Spain. We are the only jetboard company in the world that stocks all the different jetboard brands that are worth having, and actually has them all available for testing and try before you buy. We give honest and unbiased advice on all the different makes, models and brands. If you visit the Jet Board limited head office you will see a perfect example of a fully stocked jetboard shop with all of the latest and best jetboards on display, a fully equipped, official and authorised  service centre capable of servicing and repairing most of the jetboard makes, models and brands. A rental operation with all the latest and available boards on the market. We are not an online/internet based company but a hands on, stock and ride all the boards daily, real deal team with a wealth of knowledge and experience that cannot be matched nor beat. Our Jet Board Limited team is able to give you so much information on the pros and cons of each different jetboard and this is based on years of riding, renting and repairing them.

Meet the Team 

Wayne Brooks

(A.K.A. Jet Board Jesus)

The visionary and legend. Wayne is the centre point of Jet Board Limited and the reason it all happened. Passionate like no one else, with a deep rooted love for the water, and boards; he knows possibly everything about jetboards. 

Daniel Roman

(A.K.A. The Pro Racer & big believer)

Pro rider and a mind for business. Daniel, our numbers man, believed in Jet Board Limited from the beginning, and is still riding strong. 

Mike Zed

(A.K.A.The Video Guy)

Jet Board Testing Tour presenter, director and editor. All-round board and film genius! He is of utmost importance to our team, and probably the reason you are on our website now.

Grant Brooks

(A.K.A. The one who fixes everything)

Board fixer & expert. Our in-house mechanic, saviour, and we could even say a technical guru. He loves the sport and the boards, but most importantly, he makes sure everyone lands back on the sand safely, no matter what. 

Nuria Casanova

(A.K.A. Our Pro Racer)

8th in the world tour, and the greatest jetboard teacher you will find. Big bonus: She’s an engineer and can handle anything. 

Rafa Ailes

(A.K.A. FliteBoard man or ‘Rafiki’)

In-house Fliteboard Instructor and ambassador. His passion will get anyone foiling; and smiling while they’re at it. His positive, balanced vibe keeps us all in check. 

Innin Buyl

(A.K.A. The Chameleon)

After completing a Bachelor in Business Administration, and a Masters to follow, Innin chose Jet Board Limited. Although it’s hard to keep her off the boards and out the water, she is the driving force behind the company.

Maxim Buyl

(A.K.A. ‘Maximus’)

Rider, and board tester. Our most versatile brand ambassador, and a natural talent when it comes to riding due to his surfing background. 

Maylow Silver

(A.K.A.that crazy dude who backflips)

Extreme athlete and crazy freestyle rider and instructor. Maylow will take your riding to the next level. His unstoppable energy will get you bouncing and feeling powerful. Contact us for event bookings, courses, etc.

What makes Jet Board Limited special?

We work with designers and manufacturers: from the very first steps of building a board

Jet Board Limited are involved in all aspects of jetboards. We work with jetboard designers and manufacturers right from concept stage and offer help and advice on what we think works and what we believe the jetboard riders and industry are looking for. Most of the time we get prototypes before the boards are launched and after extensive riding and testing we give feedback on what changes and improvements are needed in order to give the jetboard rider the best product and experience possible.

We test and review every board: Jet Board Limited tests and reviews all the latest jetboards through our All Star Jet Board Testing Tour videos with Mike.

Jet Board Limited are normally the first to test and review the new jetboards when they are ready to be released, making our All Star Jet Board Testing Tour videos with our partner Mike from Jetsurfing nation. Wayne from Jet Board Limited and Mike from Jetsurfing Nation founded and formed the All Star Jet Board Testing Tour after making quite a few jetboard testing videos and realising how much they enjoyed it and how important it was to try and introduce the new jetboards to future riders. The purpose of the videos is just to try help to promote the new brands and to grow the industry. We normally gather as much information as possible and produce the most honest but positive review possible. Its really hard to judge a board after a few hours though so we always recommend you use the videos only as a guide and not the gospel truth. To get more realistic and reliable feedback contact Jet Board Limited for a more detailed and extensive review as its a lot easier to judge a jetboard after weeks, months or even years of testing, riding and renting the jetboards.

We get the information to you: by sharing and working with Andreas from Esurfer online magazine to help present and future riders gather honest information and build an online jetboard community.

Jet Board Limited have a lot of inside knowledge of the jetboard industry and we work closely with our partner Andreas from Esurfer online magazine. So much information gets posted online by all the new and old manufacturers but we have found that for new riders the information can be quite misleading and very selective which leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Together with Andreas from Esurfer, Jet Board limited are helping to build an online magazine and community where a more realistic and honest version of who is who and what is what in the jetboard industry can be shared and found. Although together we post and share the main articles and stories its very much community based, where old and new jetboard riders can interact, ask questions, post answers and share information.

We allow you to try first and then buy: a huge stock and variety of boards allows us to give you the chance to try most boards before making the final investment. 

Jet Board Limited offer a try before you buy and we believe that it is so important to try the jetboards before you buy them. Every single jetboard that we sell is available for testing at our rental location. Manufacturers will always claim their jetboards are the best and the rest are terrible, but we stock all of he boards so we are 100% honest and unbiased. Dont spend 10,000 plus only to realise you never got what you expected and regret having chosen the board you have. It is imposible to chose the right board based on what you see on the internet and its so important to come see the boards in real life, compare them, get feedback on them and then let Jet Board Limited help match you to the perfect board. 90% of the time our try before you buy customers never leave with the jetboard they had in mind, and generally end up purchasing a board they didn’t even consider, so we strongly recommend the all board testing day. 

We help new players in the industry: so many years of experiences provides for top notch consultancy services on all aspects of this business. 

Jet Board limited are undoubtedly the most experienced and longest established jetboard company in the world. We work in the industry from design, to testing, to renting, to sales and then after sales service and repairs, therefore our knowledge, experience and network are the best in the industry. Jet Board Limited have partner companies who we have taught, trained, mentored and looked after all over Europe as well as all over the world. We offer a consultancy service to all new jetboard companies wether it be dealers, shops or rental stations. We spent many years learning the hard way so that you don’t have to. If you want to setup your own jetboard business or are interested in a partnership with Jet Board Limited then contact us and lets see what we can do for you.

We provide jetboards to your company: Jet Board Limited corporate sales and partnerships are available on a worldwide level, from leasing to purchasing and renting. 

Jet Board Limited offer a consultancy and site visit service to future rental companies if you buy/lease your jetboards from us. If you are wanting to setup your own rental operation, we will analyse your market, location and recommend the perfect setup for you. We are also constantly on the look out for new rental locations, so if you have a hotel, lake, beach or other venue where you think the jetboards might do well, then contact us and we will asses your location.