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Wayne Brooks Interview by Andreas from E-Surfer the online electric surfboard magazine and forum Part 3.

Which was your biggest success of Jetboard Limited so far?

Wayne Brooks from Jetboard Limited:

The biggest success is yet to come but I think so far we are extremely proud to have become authorities and industry influencers in the motorised surfboard industry.

We owe a big part of this to our partner companies Jetsurfingnation, E-Surfer and Motosurfnation. Our Jet Board Testing Tour is a huge success which will continue to run every year and this year we add a Jet Board Festival to our list of annual events.

Our true success is messaged by the smiles we put on our customers faces. As long as we continue to be surrounded by happy customers we would consider ourselves to be successful.

We are also quite proud of our growth in the industry. We stared out with Jet Board Limited and we have now added Jet Board England, Jet Board Germany, Jet Board Spain and Jet Board Barcelona.

Each board is tested by Jetboard Limited

We have quite a few other European countries on trial and are also busy working on establishing Jet Board Australia, Jet Board Canada and Jet Board Brazil.

We have an unbeatable and amazing team with a wealth of knowledge and experience that I have personally hand picked. I can confidently and proudly say that we are leaders in the industry and we have the best team available.

How often are you riding the boards, Wayne Brooks?

Wayne Brooks from Jetboard Limited:

I try ride as often as possible and although I must admit Im not a huge fan of riding in winter I sure do make up for it in summer and I try ride most days in summer.

We are the only company in the world that has all of the boards that are available on the market so we offer lessons on all of the jetboards but we also offer an all board testing day where we get all the jetboards in the water for you and I am known to still be riding after everyone has gone home as I believe its a sin to send back batteries that still have a charge in them and petrol tanks with fuel in them.

Im also very fortunate to be in Spain where the water is beautiful and clean, the sand is hot and smooth and the sun just doesn’t seem to stop shinning so its hard not to ride in such a beautiful place.

Having said this I have become a slave to the community we have created and you wont believe how much time it takes to maintain all of this.

I still think I could and should spend more time in the water but I also enjoy getting others in the water.

What are the plans for Jetboard Limited in the future?

Wayne Brooks from Jetboard Limited:

We plan to not only be the biggest but more importantly the best and most highly recommended jetboard distributors in the world.

We are off to a good start and I believe we only have to continue doing
what we do best and all of our goals will be reached.

Our dreams are already coming true and it feels like we are living the dream. Its not easy but its worth it. In general we will strive to help grow the
motorised surfboard industry in the most positive way possible but our loyalty will always be to the riders and customers.

Allstar Jetboard Tour

We are all about the community though and we hope to grow stronger and wiser
together. Our plans are to have Jet Board teams, academies and shops in all strategic locations so that we are able to service and accommodate the masses.

So to sum it up we just want to keep doing exactly what we already do but just on a larger scale.

Wayne Brooks, anything else your would like to share with your fans?

Wayne Brooks from Jetboard Limited:

We have never seen ourselves as having fans as we are part of the community and we started off just like you.

We appreciate and enjoy riding just like you. Sure we fix and sell a lot of boards but we are still just one of you.

We are jet boarders providing a service for other jet boarders.

It’s really important that all of us stay true to ourselves and to you. We know that most of you really enjoy and appreciate the time and effort we put into gaining the knowledge of the motorised surfboard industry and sharing it with you by means of videos and general advice.

We want you to know that we really appreciate your support in choosing to buy your boards from Jet Board Limited and our partner companies.

Although you wouldn’t get matched to the perfect board without us and you wouldn’t get the honest and unbiased advice without us we acknowledge and appreciate that we wouldn’t and couldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

We are extremely grateful and thankful for all of the support we receive
from jetboard riders, supporters and enthusiasts all over the world.

The support you give us is amazing and we will continue to give back to you.

So dont be shy. Reach out and talk to us. Lets see if we can get you on a board and in the water.

For more information check Wayne’s Jetboard Limited website.

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