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Wayne Brooks from Jet Board Limited. Why does Wayne do this in the motorised surfboard and jetboard industry?

I decided to start working in the motorised surfboard community for a number of reasons. I really do love helping people and its important for me to see the right thing get done. Ive bought quite a few jetboards over the years and although some were amazing I’m disappointed to have to say that a lot of them were a huge let down for many various reasons but to say I felt cheated is probably a bit of an understatement. Every time this happened I just thought how could this be possible, allowed or even legal. I took it upon myself to make sure others never suffered the same financial loss and let down that I did and I spent a lot of time and energy trying to change and prevent this from happening. Not once did I ever get what I thought I was paying for especially in the electric surfboard category. The boards were always slower than advertised, the batteries never lasted as long as advertised, the boards were always heavier than advertised and I just felt that someone had to really speak up and get on the manufacturers and retailers case. I became the self elected voice of the motorised surfboard community.

I felt like the motorised surfboard industry just lacked honesty and integrity. There seemed to be a need for a third party to say what was true and not just what the manufacturers and salesman needed to say just to make a quick jetboard sale. So that’s the negative side of things and in all honesty I probably would have still bought the jetboards had everyone been honest and upfront because even with the bad points I saw some great things and potential in all of them. I had made it my mission to try, buy, test and learn about every single jet board on the market which meant even buying the ones I knew were bad just to be able to know everything personally about the jetboard. Quite often some of these jetboard were so bad that I wasn’t even able to sell them afterwards without risking destroying my own reputation that I was working so hard to build in the motorised surfboard industry.

On the positive side I bought some jetboards that just blew me away and left me feeling speechless. The pleasure that I got was indescribable and when I shared these jetboards with family and friends the look on their faces and the smiles and laughter if caused was just priceless. I found myself giving people help, advice and guidance on what jetboards were best for them and one day I just looked around me and it finally hit me at how great some of these jetboards were and how happy it was making me. At that point I decided that the motorised surfboard industry was a good place for me to be and that being surrounded by such happy and excited people was making me feel extremely good and positive. That was it. From that moment onwards I made up my mind that I was going to do this everyday and I was going to share this amazing feeling with as many people as I could. That’s why I do this. I do it because it makes you happy and that makes me happy. I love the jetboard sport and the motorised surfboard industry. I soon realised that I had learnt a lot and I was good at it and that I could help people choose the right boards and make the right decisions. I had finally found something I loved and nothing was going to stop me from sharing it with you and all jetboard riders and enthusiasts. I walked away from a very lucrative and successful company and lifestyle to actually follow my dream and do what I loved.

Its not an easy industry to be in and it’s by no means a get rich quick scheme. I don’t think I have ever given as much of my time, energy, and financial investment to anything else before and especially for so little financial return. to get so little back. I don’t mean to sound cheesy but it really is you guys that keep me going and make it worth my while so please keep the support coming. I cant do this without you.

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