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Wayne Brooks from Jet Board Limited. What keeps Wayne going in the motorised surfboard and jetboard industry?

The motorised surfboard industry is so new and so exciting. Its changing, its growing and its developing into a new sport that is like nothing I have ever experienced before. The more I learn the more I need and want to grow with it. I don’t just want to grow with it but I actually want to be part of it and participate in the building of the motorised surfboard industry and community. For it to really grow you need to help make this happen and its not going to work if you keep getting the wrong boards and terrible service. I want to see you smiling and feeling like I do. I want to pass on the passion, happiness and fun to you and have you do what I’m doing. I’ve met so many nice people in the motorised surfboard industry and its a great place to be if you get it right. I’m super supportive of new jetboards and it seems like they just keep coming. The more new jetboards that come onto the market the better it is for all of us but at the same time the more work it is for me to keep up to date with whats good and whats not.

Competition is improving the standards and pushing down prices in the motorised surfboard industry and this is something I really want to see. However with all the new jetboards comes the very costly and timely learning experience that I thought I had already gone through so my position of learning and growing in the motorised surfboard industry never ends. This does however come at a price though and in order for me to continue I need your support. I’m happy to continue buying, reviewing and testing all the boards but I do rely on your sales to keep going. So yes you need me to help you get the right jetboard for you and to make sure you get the backup and service you deserve and I also rely on you to buy your jetboards from me.

I’m giving the best prices and service that money can buy in the motorised surfboard industry and I go way beyond and above any manufacturers service and backup so help me to help you. Its you the riders that keep me going. This sport is really going places and its going to be ride of a lifetime. Join me and enjoy the ride. Together we really can get what we all deserve and want from the manufacturers and the jet boards. My passion and love for the motorised surfboard industry and jetboard sport keeps driving me and pushing me forward but mostly its you and what I can do to help you that really makes me feel good and gives me a huge sense of satisfaction.

Feel free to reach out and contact me for any help and advice that you may need. Other than actually riding the boards with you nothing else will give me greater pleasure than being able to help you. My help and advice is free so please make the most of it and don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. Weather you want to buy 10 jet boards, 1 jetboard or don’t even have money to buy but just want some information I will do my best to help and talk with every single one of you. Hope to see you in the water on the jetboard of your dreams. If you haven’t tried jet boarding then I strongly suggest that you do. Not many things will give you the feeling of freedom and excitement that jet boarding does. If you want the biggest smile ever and want to see your family and friends smile like never before then get a jetboard and get riding.

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