World Class advice on the new world of Jet Boarding

Jetboard Limited Race Team

We have a Jet Board Limited Race team racing in the Motorsurf Workd Cup and one of our main sponsors is Ocean Rabbit. We started racing in 2018 and had Mike Zed the famous video guy and Jeff Scott the famous big wave rider racing for Jet Board Limited race team. This year we have Daniel and Nuria leading the team from Jetsurf Costa del Sol and we have a new rider Chris Mullens from Eastbourne Paddle and Surf in England.

To make sure our success is captured we also now have our own professional in house photographer and film guy Fred who will help keep you upto date with our progress.

We are always looking for new team riders to join our team so if you want to race then come join the Jet Board Limited Motosurf World Cup race team. For your investment we will train you and get you up to world competition standard.

This is an exciting opportunity with the ever increasing following of this new sport and we are also always looking for new sponsors so please contact Wayne Brooks if you would like to understand the benefits of joining or sponsorship team of our Motosurf World Cup race team.

By 2020 we hope to have one of the biggest and strongest race teams at the Motosurf World Cup.