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This Is Who We Are

Our team have been involved in the concept of motorized surf boards for over 30 years. In fact Wayne Brooks is known in the industry as Jet Board Jesus! We were set up to provide unbiased advise, real user insight and provide the ability to buy boards at the best prices.

What do we do

Our expertise is world wide. Having been involved in the sport since the beginning we understand the technologies and engineering that has developed in both Mechanical and Electrical Jetboards. We have our own race team that competes on the World Cup Circuit, so whether you just want to surf on the lakes or the sea we have the professional know how to help you improve.

Meet the Team

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Technical Support

Technical Support

Not only learn to ride jetboards, get the know how to maintain them.
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Ride and Race Training

We teach from the introduction into jetboarding right up to the skills and techniques to enter the MotoSurf World Cup. You could be the next member into our race team !

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