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Jetboard Limited Team

Head Office Management Team

Wayne Brooks AKA Jetboard Jesus was the visionary for this company. Having always had a passion for the development of the surf board,  has followed, used and bought all the mad inventions over the years to address the desire of personal propulsion on water. See our section of the past and present history of Jetboarding.

Wayne is often the point of contact for many of the board manufacturers, as JBL facilities for demonstrations and workshop facilities in second to none on the world circuit – the beautiful weather of southern Spain also helps.

Wayne is involved at all levels of the business ( except admin) as he constantly wants to get the feedback from customers either paying for training or doing demonstrations of new designs coming out to ensure JBL is always at the forefront of this industry.

Tania is Procurement and Accounts Manager.

The smooth running of JB Limited is down to Tania, ensuring your training sessions are booked and paid for through to ensuring that the warehouse is stocked to enable your boards are delivered on time.


Grant is our Senior Instructor. A modern petrol head, but on water. A speed freek, and technical guru and a person really passionate about the sport – ambassador.

Grant is a team member on the JBL Motosurf WorldCup so there will soon be a bigger section of this website tracking their progress. If you are interested in sponsoring and being involved in this global and prestigious sport then please get in touch.