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Jetboard Limited can provide packages for any potential partners. These packages can be tailored to suit your requirements. Currently, you can choose 5 types of partnerships:


  • Before you even think or reading on about the different partnership deals that Jet Board Limited have to offer we will tell you that we are doing this because we are passionate about it and we love it. There is no easy money to be made and its not a get rich quick scheme. The motorised surfboard industry is a hard industry to be in and it requires extreme hard work and determination. Its a labour of love and a lifestyle business but if you are looking to get rich you are probably looking in the wrong place.
  • These are the basic packages that Jet Board Limited offer in the motorised surfboard industry. We dont really stray to far from those packages but we are always open to suggestions. If you have your own project and dram that you would like us to help you with then just make sure you buy your boards from us and we will give you all the help and support you need.

5 types of partnerships provided

Jet Board Limited are leaders in the Motorised surfboard community We are busy expanding throughout Europe. We have main Jet Board dealers in England, Spain, Germany and we are running trial partnerships in other European countries. We are also busy setting up Jet Board Canada and Jet Board Australia. If you are interested in partnering with us and you have a country, county, city or town that you are interested in then contact us and let us know what you have to offer and why you think you may make a great Jet Board partner. Our Jet Board family is growing and we are interested in viewing all applications and proposals so reach out and let us know why and how you think or feel you would be able to contribute and join our Jet Board family.

At Jet Board Limited we are all about the people. Sure we are in the jetboard business but its always going to be the people business too so we are extremely picky as to who we partner with. We place high values in the actual people and even though its not a cheap business to get into we have to say that no amount of money will guarantee you a place on the Jet Board team. Any official Jet Board company would only be considered in the form of a partnership as we do not want to lose track or control of what we feel we should deliver to the motorised surfboard community. Our standard setup is normally a 50/50 partnership and share between the Jet Board Limited team and the new partner. We get a lot of dreamers here so not to burst anyones bubble but you will still need to have a bit os spare money available to do this. Its not a cheap business to setup.

If you are looking for more of an investment and less commitment then we have quite a few various investment options which pay better than any others we know of. You could always look at becoming an investor and share holder in one of our existing Jet Board operations which would be a long term investment in a new but established Jet Board company. If you are looking for a safe and short term investment with a quick payout then you can invest in purchasing stock that gets sold to all the various Jet Board companies. Your investment is 100% safe, returns are guaranteed, payouts are better than average and returns come much quicker.

This is pretty much the easiest and safest way into the motorised surfboard industry. You are purely a sales agent that works on a 25% profit share. You still have to be accepted and approved by Jet Board Limited but your level of commitment is pretty low. You literally give us a lead and if it becomes a sale you get your commission. We handle payments, shipping, guarantees etc. If you want to have an online shop or advertise online we are happy to provide you with the images and technical information needed.

For this you need to be an approved dealer. You may be an existing dealer or you may wish to establish a dealership. You will be required to undergo extensive hands on and technical training. You would need to be able to ride, instruct, maintain and carry out basic repairs to all major jetboards. This training is provided to you but at a cost. Jet Board Limited will sell the boards to you but you are responsible for looking after your own customers and your own boards. We provide you with all the backup service and support, and if you want to have an online shop or advertise online we are happy to provide you with the images and technical information needed.

So thats pretty much what Jet board Limited offer. If you want to be part of the pioneers and industry influencers in the motorised surfboard industry then don’t hesitate to reach out. Otherwise if you just want to do your own thing then we wish you loads of luck and will happily help and advise you where we can.