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First Official World Record On A Jetboard

22 June 2017


Motosurf World Records on BBC Show Officially Amazing
Jet Board Limited and BBC

Three motosurf instructors of from Jet Board Limited — took part in a fun day with BBC kids TV channel “Officially Amazing” and while entertaining the kids of England with their Jetboards and riding skills, Slade Brooks from Cape town (South Africa), Louis Allen & Paul Desmond from UK, managed to set two world records.

Rules to achieve the record of The Fastest Slalom On A Motorised Surfboard:

The course must be 250 metres long and 23 meters wide

Slade must surf around 6 buoys and through the start and end gates

If any aspect is missed (complete course) or people on the board (no falling) the attempt is invalid

Slade needs to complete the course in 30 seconds

World Record Time

The World record of The Fastest Slalom On A Motorised Surfboard was achieved in 29.16 seconds

2nd World Record on a motosurf: Do as many circles as possible in a minute

The second world record is achieved by Louis Allen, one of Jet Board Limited England instructors who competed against another motosurf instructor, Paul Desmond. They had to do as many circles as they could in a minute … most 360’s in 60 seconds with a Minimum of 14 to make record books!

All of it was really just for fun and it was about introducing the boards and sport to the younger generation. Having said that it seems like their parents are more interested than them!