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1960 Hobart “Hobie” motorised surfboard

Hobart “Hobie” the absolute legend of surfing and a seaman of note was probably to surfing what Henry Ford was to cars. Hobie is most famous for revolutionary perfecting the manufacturing and mass producing foam surfboards and to this day we still make surfboards the way Hobie taught us. Most people will probably know Hobie for inventing the Hobie Cat which is a lightweight very high performance catamaran.

There is not much that Hobie couldn’t or didn’t do and he made a motorised skateboard and a motorised surfboard. In 1960 Hobie was strapping outboard engines to big old longboards and he was flying through the water like a bat out of hell. Hobie was a true adventure seeker and although this design was maybe not the most creative it was definitely effective and it worked.

The motorised surfboard never really did take off and thats because Hobie never really bothered or tried to mass produce it. At the same time I doubt many others wanted to or were willing to try ride such a beast of a board. The guy was such a legend and had so many other great successes that the motorised surfboard was just a bit of fun for him. Not bad for The son of a second-generation orange grower. I wonder what he would say about some of the motorised surfboards we have today. I think he might shake and hold his head in shame and disappointment to be honest. This was a real man and a real surfer and I do believe that a lot of whats on the market today would just not cut the grade for Hobie.

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